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County Attorney Mike O'Connell speaking at the Louisville's Law Day Event May 2nd, 2018. He goes off topic to rant in a very slanderous way about local business man and community activist Chris Thieneman, but what is even more interesting is that after we and others share the original link to the YouTube Video on The Jefferson County Law Library's account... It disappears!

Little did they realize it is not that easy to erase a crime caught on camera! Once on the internet... 

Our mission is to promote an awareness of all corruption!


Good officers hide nothing!                        

Bad Cops have been warned!

Metro Government?

Members who are honest have nothing to hide... Why hold back information?


Judges, Attorneys, Clerks and staff have a duty serve without bias or bribe.

Mike O'connel ignored CHILD SEX ABUSE in the LMPD


(WAVE NEWS) — On Monday, an assistant attorney with the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office will try to convince a judge that LMPD Chief Steve Conrad should not answer any questions regarding a child sex abuse scandal rocking the department.

LMPD wastes $1.2 Million in Overtime Abuse.

Louisville police Chief Steve Conrad will go before Metro Council on Wednesday afternoon for the first time since members voted no confidence in his job performance.

LMPD Detective Steals $74,000

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) –A former Louisville Metro Police detective has pleaded guilty to stealing over $74,000 from UPS shipments. According to court documents, Kyle Willett pleaded guilty to a charge of Theft from Interstate Shipment during a hearing in U.S. District Court in Louisville Wednesday afternoon.

"...O'Connell kept track of who did or did not contribute to his campaign,"

 Bradshaw also charges in her suit, filed in Jefferson Circuit Court, that County Attorney Mike O'Connell pressured some of his assistants to donate to his election campaign "or fear his wrath." 

Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell Faces Political Threats Amid Legal Controversies

 an inquiry commission ruled on May 8 that O’Connell violated rules barring attorneys from contacting judges without the other side present. 

Drug court judge seeks emergency fund for participants in treatment program

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